ThreatScan Proof of Value

What is ThreatScan Proof of Value?


The Comstor Security team is powering up the Cisco channel partners to take advantage of the latest Cisco security product: ASA with Firepower.

Both Comstor and Cisco are so convinced of the security capability of the ASA with Firepower that we’re offering you our proof of value program.
By setting up an ASA to run a security network monitor (no need to change anything in the network) we let the Cisco appliance watch the
whole network. After 2 weeks we extract a report that shows what the Cisco ASA has detected and the potential threat it would have blocked.

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If you would like to request a Proof Of Value assessment, you must first be registered as a Comstor Security Initiative (CSI) partner. To become a CSI partner simply download and complete the "Memorandum of Understanding" and return the completed form via email to Jay McDonald, Cisco Security Architecture Lead.
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ASA Proof of Value Process   Umbrella Proof of Value Process
1.   Partner completes the ThreatScan Proof of Value Sign up Form   1.   Partner completes the ThreatScan Proof of Value online Sign up Form
2.   The Comstor AM will provide a quote to the partner based on the information supplied   2.   Comstor receives request and forwards the request to Cisco Umbrella
3.   The partner will return a PO that reflects the value of the quote provided   3.   Cisco Umbrella will supply details to End User on how to initiate the POV Trial
4.   The ASA will ship the following day to the address provided   4.   Comstor or Cisco will contact End User to confirm their set up is complete and provide assistance if required
5.   The partner will install the ASA with FirePOWER connected to a SPAN port on the customer’s network and spin up the FireSIGHT virtual appliance   5.   Comstor or Cisco will contact End User after a week to run through Umbrella dashboard and preliminary results
6.   After a minimum of 14 days the partner will retrieve the reports from the FireSIGHT management center   6.   After a minimum of 14 days the partner is expected to join a call with Comstor/Cisco for the final POV results
7.   Show the reports to the customer, highlighting the key points and explaining how the ASA with FirePOWER can help protect them
  7.   End User then works with partner to identify correct Umbrella solution to purchase
8.   Customer can choose to either keep the unit or return it        

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